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Are you a high-achieving

professional feeling stuck or undervalued in your career?

Get Ahead of the Competition and Achieve Your Professional Goals with Ease and Confidence, No Matter If You Feel Stuck in a Dead-End Job, Overlooked for Promotions, or Struggling to Balance Work and Life.

Take your career to a whole new level — literally.

Empowering Your Career Journey: From Unknown to Next Big Name @Work.

Ever feel like you've done everything by the book, yet the career breakthroughs you crave still seem just out of reach?


Or, do you know you are making the right moves, only to see others take less steps and seem to achieve more, have a bigger impact, get special assignments, even the bos shows them more attention...and (dare I say make more money).

It's like putting in all the effort but not seeing the rewards you deserve.

You MAY think you know what's holding you back.

In fact, after coaching 1000s of professionals it's usually NOT what they think that's holding them back in their careers.


If that sounds familiar, then welcome to the club—I've been there, and I'm here to tell you that there's a way forward.

As someone who's walked this path, figured out a single strategy that worked every time I understand the unique career challenges you might be facing at different stages of your professional journey:

❌Just Starting Out? It's hard to figure out your place in the professional world.
❌Feeling Stagnant? For those well into their careers but hitting a plateau, being caught in a cycle of uncertainty - is all too real.
❌Achieved Much but Overlooked? High achievers often face their own unique set of challenges, watching opportunities pass by despite their dedication and success.

As a certified career strategy & success coach for ambitious but undervalued professionals, I help you develop a clear career vision, build a powerful network, and create a future-proof personal brand, so you can confidently navigate career transitions, achieve your goals, and find fulfillment in your professional life.


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As someone who's walked this path, figured out a single strategy that worked every time I understand the unique career challenges you might be facing at different stages of your professional journey:

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Which Hidden Barrier Is Slowing Down Your Career Success or Stopping your Promotion?
Take the Quiz to Find Out.

Are you tirelessly climbing the career ladder only to find it's leaning against the wrong wall? Sometimes, the biggest hurdles in our career paths are the ones we can't see. Takes 1 minute 30 seconds to change your career.


You've experimented with enhancing the layout, trimming down outdated roles, and perhaps even contemplated enlisting a professional's help for your resume.

But when people ask you for your resume, you cringe -

This is where I step in –  to be your advisor and a seasoned narrator, expertly skilled in the latest techniques of resume writing.

You excel in your field, yet crafting a resume that richly showcases your achievements in a manner that resonates with a broad audience might not be your forte. 

Got Questions?

  • Will this resume work for the applicant tracking systems, that's all I want?
    Yes... But are you sure that is what you ONLY want? Let me explain, there are 1000s of ATS systems out there, and AI ways of sourcing candidates coming out every day. However, the resume alone is not it, it alone is not the magic solution. You may never feel perfectly ready but at least let us help you get closer to the finish line. Our signature PowerPivot™️ career strategy helps you to develop a YES network by supporting you with your: Polished Paper Trail: Mastering the Professional Presence of Your Resume which includes your (what we call) marketing documents (resumes, LinkedIn rewrite, etc.). Intentional Career Strategy Work which includes teaching you how to be a career marketer through effective job landing tactics training which includes LinkedIn outreach job search strategy, scripts, thank you notes, phone script, e-notes (the emails to use to reach out), and identifying company target lists. Voice your Power through our Interviews that Sell prep system which includes an interview prep system to use, learn how to tell career stories, and learn a system - besides STAR - that shows you how to ace any question you have. Own Your Value: Embrace the 'I Offer and Charge for Excellence' Mentality which includes salary negotiation which includes advanced salary negotiation and compensation package training (financial and non-financial aspects of our package from an HR Pro). Transform Your Results: Track and Amplify the Ripple Effect of Your Actions which includes developing a 90-day plan of action or pitch deck that can be used to highlight what you COULD do for an organization to get your foot in the door and start off strong as a high performer. But you must do the work! Here is a breakdown of how hires occur: 70% are made through referrals, social connections, persona contacts, or recruiter outreach from qualified candidates. 20% ATS system and job boards 10% 3rd Party recruiter and direct sourcing Data from SHRM/CareerXRoads, and Jobvite An effective resume has the below qualities, regardless of experience level: A strong first impression and cherry picks your experience that is relevant to the career/job. Uses achievement-driven language, not job description phases (task-driven). Your words should tell your story of your career and help employers envision WHAT you could do and HOW you can do it. Highlights career milestones aka evidence of what and how you have done it. Highlights relevant experience that your target audience wants to see, not what you want to see. Quick wins, especially in a gig economy, companies will want to see quick wins. Let us talk more! Let us book a chat!
  • Why work with a resume writer in the first place?
    If you select the right resume writer- which you have - resume writers who are also HR pros understand what works and what doesn't work on a resume that will help you stand out. I’ve seen thousands of resumes and hired for roles at all levels of an organization so the feedback you will receive will be rooted that that- however all hiring managers and recruiters look for different things so the key is to ensure you are telling your story, highlighting your career brand, and can speak to the reason why you are the PERFECT FIT. Your resume must satisfy the needs of not just the knowledgeable decision-maker but that of HR person who may have limited knowledge and may spend under one minute in a quick scan of your document.
  • How long does the resume writing process take?
    Ah, the timeline question! While we can't whip up a masterpiece in the blink of an eye, we promise not to keep you waiting forever. Our team typically delivers a finalized resume within 5-7 business days that includes 2 draft revisions. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to meet your expectations.
  • What type of services do you offer?
    We offer keyword- rich resumes, cover letter, e-notes (which are drafted emails to recruiters that tell your power story to hiring managers and people leaders), thank you letters, pitch decks ( presentations you can use to pitch yourself to companies...bye bye job boards), carer strategy coaching (help you use what you have to get what you want), rock star interview prep, and public speaking.
  • How do I get started with your resume writing service?
    Woohoo! Let's embark on this grand adventure together. Simply reach out to us through our website or give us a shout. We'll have a chat, get to know each other, and dive deep into your professional journey. Once we have the insider scoop on your story, we'll work our magic and create a resume that will make you say, "Wow, that's me!" Let's get started on crafting your path to success!
  • What makes your resume writing service different from others?
    Ah, I'm glad you asked! Here's the secret sauce that sets us apart from the rest: We blend industry expertise with a touch of personalized magic. We're not just about churning out cookie-cutter resumes. Oh no! We take the time to understand your unique sparkle, your career aspirations, and what makes you shine. Your resume becomes a dazzling reflection of your individuality, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.
  • Can you tailor my resume to a specific job or industry?
    Absolutely! Consider us your resume tailors, stitching together the perfect fit for your dream job or desired industry. We know that each role and industry has its own secret language, and we speak it fluently. By highlighting the skills and experiences that matter most to employers in your field, we ensure your resume becomes a match made in professional heaven.
  • Do you offer any guarantees or revisions?
    We've got your back, my friend! We're not satisfied until you're doing a happy dance. We offer revisions because we believe in the power of collaboration. If there's a tweak or two that will make your resume shine even brighter, we'll work our magic until you're over the moon with the final result. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Can you help with other career documents, such as cover letters or LinkedIn profiles?
    Absolutely! We're not a one-trick pony. We're your go-to source for all things career-related. Need a cover letter that will knock their socks off? We've got you covered. Want to spruce up your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can't resist clicking that connect button? Consider it done. We're here to help you make a lasting impression across all platforms.
  • Can you help with career strategy coaching?
    Absolutely! Consider us your backstage coaches, whispering insider tips and tricks into your ear. We're all about helping you use what you have to get what you want. We'll dive deep into your career aspirations, identify your unique strengths, and create a roadmap to success. With our career strategy coaching, you'll have the strategic advantage, making those big career moves with confidence.
  • Can you assist with interview preparation?
    You bet we can! We're your personal entourage of interview gurus. We'll prep you like a rockstar, ensuring you hit every high note and leave a lasting impression. We'll fine-tune your interview skills, help you craft compelling stories, and provide you with insider secrets that will make hiring managers' jaws drop. With our interview prep, you'll be strutting into that interview room with the confidence of a seasoned pro.
  • Do you offer public speaking coaching as well?
    Oh, absolutely! We believe in turning you into a workplace maestro, captivating audiences and commanding attention. Our public speaking coaching will have you stepping up to that podium like a true rockstar. We'll refine your delivery, elevate your storytelling prowess, and give you the tools to captivate any crowd. From team meetings to boardroom presentations, you'll be the one who steals the show.
  • What sets your services apart from others?
    Buckle up, because we're about to take your career journey to a whole new level! We've got an arsenal of magic tricks up our sleeves to make you shine like a superstar. Picture this: our keyword-rich resumes are like fireworks that light up the sky, catching the attention of recruiters and leaving them in awe. But we don't stop there! Our cover letters are like love letters, captivating hiring managers and telling your unique power story in a way that can't be ignored. And have you heard of our e-notes? These little gems are like secret weapons, drafted emails that will have recruiters hanging onto your every word. Plus, we've got thank you letters that leave a lasting impression, pitch decks that bid farewell to outdated job boards, career strategy coaching that unlocks your hidden potential, rock star interview prep that turns you into a stage-ready performer, and public speaking coaching that will make you the talk of the (work)town. We've got everything you need to make waves and take your career by storm!


What they said

It has been a fantastic experience working with The Modern Millennial. With her help, both with resume writing and professional advice, I have secured multiple new opportunities and progressed my career. She really takes the time to cater her services to fit your specific needs and sculpts your resume so it is unique and effective.

Ready to take that leap?

I coach ambitious early-to mid-career pros who've hit a growth ceiling at work to get unstuck & accelerate on their terms without sacrificing their authentic selves by developing a career strategy that helps them get opportunities, stand out, or get promotions on autopilot.​​​​​​​​

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