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The Career Hustle Academy (Career Accelerator Program + Course)

The Career Hustle Academy (Career Accelerator Program + Course)



Are you the best-kept secret in your career? Meaning you know you have an impact to make in your career, you just don't know how to show it...or what to show? What if I could help you to catapult you from best-kept secret on the job to a highly sought-after leader no matter what your role is?

You keep applying for jobs and roles and for some reason you are getting passed over and but you aren't sure how to get passed this or what to do about it?

The Careers Hustle The Fast-Track your Career Accelerator is a unique Career Strategy Coaching program that helps Early to Mid-Career Professionals who want to progress in their career on their terms, professional women who want to shatter glass ceilings and make an impact, and professionals who want to fast-track their career, stand out, and skyrocket their true impact while learning to uncover the POWER they have and can offer in the workplace in less than 6 weeks!

You will learn to do all of this without a clear plan of action or just floating along in your career waiting for someone to tell you the secret next steps to moving forward! Overwhelmed with determining what career success should look like or Lacking the confidence in your own abilities in their career? Well no longer with this program! It is stacked full of proven strategies that have worked for hundreds of professionals who literally, with no example, build a career from scratch - and now you can too so you can have a career on your terms and obtain higher-level roles or more career opportunities than ever before!

This package includes:
- 4 45-minute sessions over 6 weeks, 
- 1:1 Voxer Coaching where you can get custom coaching, and specific feedback, and ask your most pressing in-the-moment questions above and beyond the high-touch support. For context: Feeling overwhelmed with where to start and just want to talk it out with someone who GETS it and will give you a unique action plan? – Voxer it!
- Self-guided work, 
- and 1-on-1 Impact Coaching Sessions on any of the topics below:

Phase 1 (Week 1): Disrupt your Career: Shift your limiting beliefs in your career: Leverage your unique career and uncover how and why your belief about yourself is partly causing you to not move forward. In this phase, we are going to untap the potential that you may be holding back so that you can create your own strategic career strategy-no limits allowed! Get my top tips for creating an un-doubtable self-confidence and how to catch yourself when doubt creeps in! Learn how to break through your career limitations and the 5 beliefs that are holding you back ( what to do about it).

Phase 2 (Week 2): Career Moments that Matter: SWOT Analysis of your career & learning to take action in your career: Listen, spoiler alert own your career! Your career is built in a series of career moments that either propel your forward or keep you stagnant (and we don't have time for stagnant careers round' here). So in this phase, we are rebuilding your career by thinking of it like a business! Learn how to ace your brand, uncover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat and use it to create a career on your terms! I’ll show you how!

Phase 3 (Week 3): Becoming a Career Influencer and blazing your own path: If you dream of making a bigger impact and being seen as an expert (or at least the go-to leader in your career), this phase is for you! Learn how to position yourself as a credible expert with the experience you have right now! Discover 7 credibility markers you can use to establish yourself as a leading expert ( the one your job needs) so that you’re regularly promoted or considered for other opportunities! In addition, we are tackling how you can become a solution provider and not a problem-seeker at work! In my DJ Kalid voice, this is a major key, in my Kayne West voice " I refuse to let you not make an impact in your career on your terms". So I'm teaching you how to uncover your department's or company's pain points so you can solve them...all the way to the bank ( i.e unit you get promoted)....even as you interview for a new role!

Phase 4 (Week 4): Ignite YOU: Career Strategy: If it’s your goal to be promoted, this phase is for you! Get the proven formula for sparking your career and getting to the next level, even if it's lateral moves. Develop a method to start getting leaders to say yes and buy into you so that they move your career forward! This is the art of building ambassadors the right way for long-term success. I'm sharing my formula for getting promotions on "tap", the way I did it to get over 8 promotions in 10 years- most without interviewing....and even as an introvert! We are going to tap into the importance of goal setting and how to set effective career goals!

BONUS PHASE 5 (Week 4/ second mini session): The ART of Selling your Skills aka the million-dollar interview prep secret. That's not even a lie- I've taught this strategy where over the course of a few years and several increases in the salary- professionals have made millions using this simple interview trick I will share. I've written hundreds of interview guides and interviewed thousands of professionals so I'm sharing a few secrets to help interviews but into what you are sharing! Once you have these skills, you’ll be able to regularly land dream opportunities that most professionals never get...and most importantly feel great about yourself!

- Includes an Orientation Call, Resume Refresh, LinkedIn Profile, and Job Search Coaching (BONUS: 30-minute session 14 days after we finish), fillable worksheets, word-for-word scripts, helpful checklists, and step-by-step templates to save you time

BONUS PHASE 6 (add a week - week 5): The ART of the CAREER BOUNCEBACK! Even all of the best plans for our career, lead to setbacks, detours, and just plain (shi**) moments, and let's not forget bad bosses. So, I'm sharing my formula for bouncing back that I've taught to professionals on performance plans whose termination letter was already written to get promoted in less than 6 months! In this phase, I'm teaching you how to deal with failure and setbacks along the way and tips to staying motivated!

To sum it up, The Career Academy Accelerator shows you how to get the career opportunities of a lifetime on your terms by honing in on your unique career brand and learning to use it ( even if you want to stay in the role you are currently in we can always level up) so you’re the indisputable choice for your ideal career path. You’ll learn how to strategically leverage a targeted career strategy to grow your career like never before!

Hiring a coach in an organization would easily cost $5,000 – $10,000 per month (And that's with a 6 – 12 month minimum commitment.- I know because I've charged it! But this Accelerator is near and dear to me). Some coaches who haven't " lived" what you are living may also charge this much- but I've been there, done that, and navigated through it, I understand the importance of providing value

And I want you to know… Your biggest career dreams are within reach. It’s your time to step onto a bigger stage and impact more people.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just the purchase of the package, signed client agreement required to START. All packages are non refundable.

Please take a look at the below client agreement in FULL- all packages based on being a service are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thanks for selecting a package with us- can't wait to work with you!

🌟TO OUR CLIENTS: By becoming a client company of The Modern Millennial Consulting LLC, you are choosing a highly customized and personalized service with the goal is helping to bring your awesome on paper. The services provided are focused on helping our clients present their abilities and talents to hiring managers and recruiters and to achieve the maximum of their personal skills, work history, and marketability. Our boutique firm has one goal: To improve the quality of a clients' career documents of each candidate by developing, enhancing, and maximizing their resumes and career strategy.

As a client reminder, please see the below client privacy and service agreement. By continuing with the purchase of this invoice you virtually sign and agree to the terms listed:

• PACKAGE TIMELINES: We appreciate your understanding that while we always do our best to provide your order on time, there are some instances where life just gets in the way. Whether it's waiting for vital feedback from the client, making sure every aspect of the packaging is perfect or those pesky "just life circumstances", we promise to get your order to you as soon as possible. And though we know you're anxious to receive your purchase, the provided timeframe is merely a suggested goal that can be adjusted according to the current situation. Thank you for your patience! If you have a strict deadline, please consider an expedited service.

• CHANGING DOCUMENTS CLAUSE: This agreement covers crafting a resume or coaching based on what we discuss via  our intake forms. If you decide to change directions in your resume or coaching needs that's completely different than how we started or our scope it may need/mean a package upgrade.

• CLIENT PARTNERSHIP CLAUSE: Here at our company, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service. Whether it's giving expert advice, crafting a custom solution, or simply lending a listening ear, we always aim to provide a great experience. And we expect the same level of professionalism from our clients. After all, this is a business transaction for resume and career services only. So while we appreciate constructive feedback, we draw the line at any form of verbal harassment. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the contract if things get too heated, and we'll even return any documents you've presented. But if some package components are still in process, we'll be happy to discuss alternative arrangements. 

• CLIENT AGREEMENT: I agree to utilize the Modern Millennial Career Consulting services with the full understanding that my Consultant will act in an advisory capacity and will in no way be responsible or liable for my decisions, outcomes, career direction, or success.

• JOB SEARCH RESPONSIBILITY: The client agrees that while The Modern Millennial Consulting, LLC., provides the best available tools, ideas, advice, and commercially available data, we cannot be responsible for changing market conditions, job posting changes, or a client’s own aggressiveness, attitude, and willingness to implement their action plan. Ultimately their success in the job market is solely their responsibility.

• CLIENT COMMITMENT: In order for career counseling/coaching to be most effective, you must make a commitment to take an active part in the process, which may include participating in setting goals, or doing homework assignments, and researching on your own time between sessions. Your Consultant will assist you to realize your own potential and respect your right to make your own informed and responsible decisions; thus, you need to be aware that results cannot be guaranteed, and that you are entering into career counseling/coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for your own results.

• CLIENT COMMITMENT: The client agrees that if they are having a resume prepared by us that they will complete their resume intake form within 3-4 calendar days of the date of this agreement. The reason we do this is to ensure a timely turnaround and to maintain our level of personalized services exerted in the preparation of each resume package. If the client fails to complete the worksheets and submit them within the 7-day period, the client will be added back into the client rotation based on the availability of the writer.

• EMPLOYMENT PROMISE: NO VERBAL OR WRITTEN PROMISE OR GUARANTEE OF ANY JOB OR EMPLOYMENT IS MADE OR IMPLIED UNDER THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT. The Modern Millennial Consulting LLC is licensed, bonded, operates under the laws of Georgia, and is regulated by The Industrial Commission of Georgia.

• CONFIDENTIALLY: The Client agrees not to disclose to any third party the terms of this Agreement and any other information provided by The Modern Millennial Consulting, LLC. orndesignated as confidential ("Confidential Information") and also agrees not to use any Confidential Information of The Modern Millennial Consulting, LLC. or any other information, whether it is marked confidential or not, as expressly permitted under this Agreement or except with the prior written consent of The Modern Millennial Consulting, LLC. The Client agrees to exercise the highest degree of care in safeguarding any information or any of the Confidential Information of the other party against loss or other inadvertent disclosure.

• As the client, other than for your own personal use as it relates to the counseling/coaching session/program, you have no right to use or reproduce any of the processes, tools, techniques, presentations, materials, and methodologies used by the Career Consultant in the coaching sessions/programs.

Finally, due to the nature of this service resume writing and consulting packages are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. But we are committed to making sure you are happy by providing revisions as included in all packages.

By signing, I have read this agreement in its entirety and agree to the terms outlined above.

The duration of the agreement is 14 days. I hereby acknowledge receipt of this document. I am signifying that this electronic contract is valid and is agreed to by me personally. I have read all terms and conditions of this agreement and indicate my approval by signing the below.

By signing, I have read this agreement in its entirety and agree to the terms outlined above. The duration of the agreement is 14 days. I hereby acknowledge receipt of this document. I am signifying that this electronic contract is valid and is agreed to by me personally. I have read all terms and conditions of this agreement and indicate my approval by signing the below.

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